FDP Wealth Management, LLC ("FDP"), founded in 2011, is a registered investment advisory firm licensed with and regulated by the state of California. The firm's principal owners are: Mark Chandik, Member/Investment Adviser Representative and Bryan Ugalde, Member/Chief Compliance Officer. FDP Wealth Management, LLC offers its services primarily through individual investment advisory representatives ("IAR"), who may also be registered representatives of ValMark Securities, Inc. ("VSI"), a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA") and Securities Investor Protection Corporation ("SIPC") and ValMark Advisers, Inc ("VAI"), an SEC registered advisory firm. IARs are independent financial consultants who often operate their own financial services organizations, who have clients that need access to certain advisory services available through FDP. FDP provides back-office support to these IARs and their clients who also become FDP's clients. For its services, IARs share a portion of their compensation with FDP. (For simplicity, hereafter, when referring to the services provided by FDP Wealth Management, LLC or by its IARs, a reference will be made simply to "FDP".) FDP offers to its clients investment consulting services, financial planning services and professional advice related to the client's financial position.

Investment Advisor Representatives

Mark A Chandik
Member and Investment Adviser Representative
Firm Website: www.prosperity-pwm.com

Bryan G Ugalde
Member and Chief Compliance Officer
Firm Website: www.prosperity-pwm.com

Larry R Lee
Investment Adviser Representative
Firm Website: www.4fdp.com


Contact Name: Bryan G Ugalde, Chief Compliance Officer

Phone: 949-855-4337 x.11

Email: bryan@fdpwmllc.com

Address: 8841 Research Drive, Ste 100, Irvine, CA 92618